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Whether you are a Trustee for a Final Salary Scheme, Charity, Personal Injury or other type of Trust arrangement, the role comes with specific obligations and requirements. We have the experience to help especially where there are requirements for income and financial planning considerations.

As you know, Trustees have a statutory obligation to ensure that trust assets are invested suitably, appropriately and that Trust investments are diversified. Trustees must ensure that the trust’s investments are regularly reviewed and are invested tax efficiently.

Beyond these legal requirements, specific Trusts may have their own requirements, thereby adding to the responsibilities of Trustees.

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RU Trustee Investment Service

Through our Trustee Investment Service we work with the Trust’s lawyers to ensure that a complete service is provided to support Trustees and meet the requirements of the Trustee Act 2000 (Trustee Act (Northern Ireland) 2001 and Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005).

We provide Trustees with a clear investment strategy underpinned by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for each Trust. As your investment partner we help you to meet statutory and regulatory obligations, keeping you informed and in control at all times.

Existing trusts

We will review your current Investment Policy Statement (IPS) if there is one, assess your current investments and investment strategy. This will allow us to advise you whether the requirements of the Trustee Act and any specific objectives of the specific trust are being met.

We will conduct a comprehensive and detailed fact find about the Trust and provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations.

New trusts

We will work alongside your lawyer to produce a complete Trust Service from the outset. We will take an advisory role, and if required, implement the agreed Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to ensure that the Trustees comply with the Trustee Act and also cater for any specific requirements of the individual trust.

We will provide detailed advice and recommendations report to make sure the decisions you make on behalf of the Trust are as informed as possible.

Ongoing review

It is important that the Trustees know whether the Trust’s assets remain appropriate, diversified and suitable over time. Like any strategy it is important to stay on track and manage change. This particularly applies to the Trust’s investment strategy. We provide agreed reports and valuations to ensure that Trustees remain informed and advised over the years ahead.

Trustee’s investment training

For Pension Scheme Trustees, some form of investment training is mandatory. Generally this is not the case for other Trustees. We do however find that Trustees often want to know more and welcome some training on investment fundamentals. We can support you by providing training and ongoing advice.

Trustee investment service

It is often the case that Trustees delegate the management of the ongoing investments to us.

We offer a specific proven approach to Trustee investment. Indeed, we find it is often more efficient for us to run the Trusts Investment portfolio as that way we are better able to monitor performance and ongoing suitability. 

Let's work together

For more information about our services for Trustees of Pensions or other Trusts please contact us for an initial discussion. Whether a new Trust situation or the review of an existing Trust please contact us for a conversation to see if we can help. The first meeting is always at our expense.

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