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Planning your investments can be confusing

The RU Group is here to help you create your future.

Where do you dream you will be in 10, 20 or even 30 years’ time?

As a Financial Planning firm we have an ongoing relationship with you, our client, based on understanding what you want and need from your money and savings, which ensures you get the very best from life.

We work with you through those periods of change and transition in life, both those expected and those that life can throw at you, to make sure you stay on track for what you wished for, both for you and your family.

Planning investments and savings can be confusing and often people view their lives and their savings as separate paths. The role of The RU Group is to connect your money and your life together into one meaningful plan.

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Deciding whether to invest in pensions, ISAs, managed funds, cash, bonds, directly into shares, or the multitude of funds advertised in the press takes time and a lot of research, initially and ongoing. There’s also the worry that market fluctuations can cause. Is your money invested wisely, and how much can you draw down to enjoy your lifestyle?

You’ll undoubtedly want to grow and protect your savings and prepare to pass your legacy on to future generations.

Whilst saving is an important part of any wealth management plan, it’s also important to make sure that the wealth you’ve accumulated is looked after.

At The RU Group we conduct all the research for you, using our expertise and experience to provide you with sound financial advice. We’re an independent Chartered firm, meaning that the advice we provide is advice you can trust. 

Tailored financial planning for you

We start by taking time to understand you, your situation and your goals – ultimately providing you with a tailored, personalised investment plan to suit your needs. You are always in control of your savings and investments, with the added security of knowing that we’ve got your best interests in mind.

Here at The RU Group we follow a structured approach to build the best financial plan for you.

1. Understanding

We get to know you. We’ll review your current situation and establish your goals and priorities. At this stage, you won’t have incurred any costs, it’s on us.

2. Analysing

We gather information. We’ll use our experience, proven processes and specialist software to assess what can be achieved.

3. Advising

We outline our advice. We’ll explain all the options and provide a clear recommendation of how to proceed. We’ll do this simply and without confusing jargon.

4. Actioning

We put your plan in place. We’ll ensure that you’re invested in a tax-efficient way and that you, your income and your wealth are protected.

5. Delivering

We agree the way forward. We’ll discuss the ongoing level of service you need and how you’d like to access regular valuations and communications.

6. Future-proofing

We keep your future in focus. We’ll regularly review your plan to make sure it adapts to changes in your life, and remains on track to deliver your goals… whatever happens.

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Investment strategy tailored to your needs

We recognise that your needs will change depending on your life-stage. Whatever your current situation is we will create an investment strategy that balances long, medium and short-term needs, providing you with an income at the point at which it is needed.

Tax Efficient RU Group

Tax efficient savings

Many clients start working with us in their 50’s once investment decisions become more complex. You may be paying off your mortgage, investing for your future and saving for your children and grandchildren. Making the most of tax-efficient savings opportunities will help protect the value of your hard earned savings.

Establishing a sound investment strategy at this stage enables you to get your savings working hard for you, laying the foundations for a secure financial future. You can get on with life, knowing that your financial future is taken care of.

Retirement Planning RU Group

Retirement planning

Once you have a retirement date in mind your focus might shift towards planning for a regular income once your salary ends. We will rebalance your portfolio to take your changing circumstances into account. At this point there is a significant shift in focus, both practically and in your mind-set. Do you have enough money? Will it last? What happens to my money if….? At this point the balance between life and your money becomes even more important.

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Using our experience and sophisticated software we demonstrate to you the consequences of the important decisions you are about to take. We then agree a plan that gives you the very best likelihood of achieving what you want and need from your savings.

For clients actively in retirement we ensure that your portfolio of investments is working hard for you, providing income and the security of knowing that your financial future is well managed. As your circumstances change so will your portfolio, to reflect your changing needs. You can be as involved as you like in reviewing investment options, or relax in the knowledge that we have it all in hand.

Partnership RU Group

A partnership approach

Our role is to advise you based on our knowledge and years of experience, which is backed up by our Chartered status. You can be assured that you are in control of your savings and investment decisions, with us advising you at your side.

With regular reviews, investment expertise and a personal yet innovative approach to financial planning, your dedicated adviser and client support team will make sure you get the very best outcome from your financial situation.

A few words from our happy clients

We have received a caring and professional service and most of all we trust RU to take care of our finances. They take the time to understand our needs and suggest solutions.– Mrs Kaur
We have used them for over 30 years when I was in business and now personally, and on the strength of their expertise and advice we have recommended them to family and friends. They listen to our personal needs and what we require from our investments and fulfil the brief.– Mr Messias

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