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Do I need an advisor?

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How do you cut through all the investment advice you read in the press? In this short video we discuss the reasons why using a financial adviser will help you with your investments.

Behavioural coaching

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Your Adviser will work with you to discuss what to do when markets rise and fall. A solid investment strategy will ensure that you stay on track and in line with your preferred approach to risk.

Cost control

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How much do fees impact your net return? Your Financial Adviser will ensure that investment costs are kept to a minimum so that you enjoy a greater return on investment.

Maintenance of investments

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When choosing an Adviser you need to select someone who you are comfortable having a long-term relationship with. You Adviser should rebalance your portfolio when needed.

Asset allocation

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How much to invest in equities, bonds and cash will depend on your appetite for risk. Your Financial Adviser will ensure that your portfolio is balanced to reduce risk.

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