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Managing your savings and investments

Do you know the value of your current pensions and investments?

Do you know the tax and charges on them?

Will they be appropriate in life for what you want and need?

If you have a range of savings and investments, but no cohesive financial planning strategy then you could be over paying fees and your savings could be underperforming.

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Giving you the very best outcome from your money

It all starts with a conversation to gain a detailed understanding about what you want and need from your money – now and in the future. As a minimum it is about making sure should the worst happen then everything is in the right place for those that are important to you. Beyond that it is about you knowing where you stand financially at all times.

We take care of your money so you can enjoy your life

We will review your current portfolio of investments and savings and will make recommendations based on your stated goals. As Chartered Financial Planners we are independent. We aren’t affiliated to one provider over another, and our income is not dependent on commission. This means that you can rely on our advice as being honest and impartial, with your best interests in mind.

What are your financial goals?

Are you investing capital for better returns or to generate an income?
What is your current situation, and are there any large events on the horizon that you need to budget for?
Are your savings and investments sufficient to meet your future financial needs?​

To provide the answers to these questions we model your financial situation using cashflow modelling.  For many this is often the first step in taking positive control of their financial future.

We are all unique. We have our own requirements, dreams and aspirations. Our financial situation is also unique to us. So, what are your numbers? Cashflow modelling uses sophisticated software that helps us show you your financial future and the consequences of the decisions you make on the rest of your life.

We find that for many clients cashflow modelling helps them see, often for the first time, a real picture of what lies ahead and for many it helps them enjoy their lives to the full as they can spend with confidence.

For many people we find that their family is the main driver for their financial decisions in later life. If this is the case for you we make sure that whatever happens your express wishes are honoured.

Cash flow modelling is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Please note that some models utilise historical data, which does not indicate what will occur in the future and assumptions may not be borne out in practice.

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Wealth Management RU Group

Tax efficiency

Investment performance is important, but effective tax planning is also a crucial part of your financial plan. By using the tax allowances available to you, you can reduce the impact of tax on your savings.

We underpin our financial planning process with the practical use and ongoing management of the current tax allowances granted to savers. These include Personal Allowances, Capital Gains Tax Allowance, Savings Allowance and where appropriate Age Allowance.

Reliefs, such as those associated with pensions saving will also form part of good tax planning to support your overall financial plans.

Through later life as people plan their legacy it is essential to allow for and mitigate against Inheritance Tax.

Where your wealth brings you greater complexity we will work with your specialist tax advisers to provide an integrated service. If you do not have a tax adviser then we can introduce you to firms who we know have the right expertise and offer the most appropriate services.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice.


The unexpected can happen at any time, so it’s worth being prepared. Income, life and critical illness cover can protect all the things that are most important to you.

Life assurance and income protection for many people, particularly those in the earlier stages of saving and with younger families, is still often the most important cornerstone to their financial plans.

Critical illness protection and healthcare too are often overlooked with so many demands placed on day to day expenditure. Our aim is that, at the very least, our clients families are provided for should the worst happen.

In other aspects of work and life, life assurance and protection can be essential in maintaining business continuity through, for example, partnership assurance and keyman assurance.

Estate planning

If leaving a legacy for your loved ones or for causes that you care about is important careful Inheritance Tax Planning is an essential part of your overall financial plan.

There are many ways in which people can ensure that their legacy goes to those that are intended. In our experience though it is essential to have a plan that allows for the levels of control and access that are important to you. It is also ideal to know how much money you need for yourself so that your planning can be done with the greatest confidence.

Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances. Both your circumstances and tax rules may be subject to change in the future. Not all areas of estate planning or tax planning are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We find our adviser very helpful and thought provoking. He allows us to understand the risks that we are taking. We know that Nick is at the end of the phone, so can always ring when we need to. – Mr & Mrs Lambert


Your financial wellness is what drives us, but we recognise the importance of general health to our client’s future life. A great private healthcare provision will help to keep you physically healthy and enjoying life to the full.

We have teamed up with Vitality to bring you a great private healthcare package – not just to treat problems as they arise, but to introduce lifestyle changes which will help to prevent health issues in future.

Vitality Health offers a unique service – rewarding you for getting active and living a healthy lifestyle, and making it easy to get fast access to high quality care when it’s needed.

Vitality Health will help you personalise your plan with a range of cover options to suit your budget without compromising on care.

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Get the most from your money

The first step to a financial planning strategy is an informal meeting with one of our qualified Advisers. Get in touch to arrange a date. Your first meeting is on us.

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