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Retirement Planning

Financial planning for retirement

Retirement, whether gradual or not, whether chosen or prompted externally is definitely one of the biggest changes in the life of an individual and their families. As well as preparing for retirement emotionally there are significant financial decisions to be made.

The transition from regular, monthly salary and structured routine to retirement can be unsettling for some. However, by planning in advance for retirement this transition should be smooth and uncomplicated.

Does your pension provide you with your desired level of income? Are your savings preserved and invested so that they grow to support your future spending?

We can help you plan your retirement income to meet your goals and ensure that you have the income that you need throughout your retirement.  Our retirement planning advice service provides a comprehensive review of your financial planning for retirement to give you a clear picture of the funds you have available, and your options for balancing income with capital.

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Retirement planning

Depending on your plans, your retirement could last 30 years or more.

Having worked hard all your life you will want to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. With effective retirement income planning you can have confidence that your retirement is catered for financially.

All our clients are individuals with different backgrounds and future needs. Your retirement plans will be unique to you, and our advice will be tailored to your specific situation.

For instance, do you plan to continue working for a time, for example doing part-time consultancy? What other sources of income will you have and for how long in the future?  What does your state pension provide, and what are your sipp or personal pension arrangements?

Here at The RU Group we follow a structured approach to build the best financial plan for you.

Your adviser will encourage you to think about your financial needs and help establish:

  • what you absolutely have to do or have – the essentials
  • what you want to do or have – the desirables
  • what you aspire to do or have – the additional luxuries

Once you’ve identified these, we’ll work with you to help you try to meet them. We’ll build an investment plan that will aim to help your retirement income last for as long as you might need it to – and to leave an inheritance to loved ones if this is one of your goals.

Retirement investment strategy

In retirement there are two competing financial goals:

  1. Maintaining your desired level of income
  2. Preserving and growing your investment portfolio to support future spending

A sound retirement investment strategy will make sure that your money lasts and gives you the confidence to enjoy your wealth and have a comfortable, stress-free retirement.

Our principles for a successful retirement are there to maximise the chance of your retirement plans being successful.

  • Establishing your minimum income requirement for your peace of mind
  • Making sure whenever possible that you preserve your retirement savings and make sure they last
  • Giving you the best start possible whilst allowing future growth
  • Giving you your income as tax efficiently as possible

This will mean that you’ll have money to spend in the early years of retirement so you can fulfil some of your dreams and aspirations. We’ll also be mindful that you need to keep some money aside to pay for the things that you’ll need in later retirement.

Once we know where you stand and understand what is required, we then go away and do the analysis and then present our strategy to you. This will be a strategy designed to give you the best chance at a successful retirement.  If you agree to our proposal we put in place your retirement plans. Based on regular reviews and our proven processes we work with you and help you keep on track.  

Please note that the value of your investment and any income from it may go down as well as up. You may not get back the original amount you invested.               



More choice over how you take your pension

When the time comes to start taking retirement income, you’ve got more options than ever before.

You now have greater choice around when and how you access your pension money. You can take cash, a flexible income (also called drawdown), a guaranteed income for life (known as an annuity), or a mix of these. 

Another big advantage is that you can now take as much or as little income as you need.  You can also choose to take income from other savings as well, or instead of your pension if this generates a more tax-efficient income. The most appropriate retirement income strategy should provide a sustainable source of income from all your savings, and still allow you to leave a legacy for your loved ones once you’re gone.

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Solving the retirement income challenge

Working with our clients the retirement challenge is quite simple – that is to work with you to make sure that you get the very best retirement you possibly can from your specific financial situation.

We can help by making sure your financial plan remains focused on your changing needs as you approach and begin your retirement.

I have been a client of The RU Group for many years and my account has been handled by Jonathan Nicholls. Personally I have nothing but praise for Jonathan as the advice and guidance he’s given me over the last 4 years has enabled me to retire early and live comfortably! I recently recommended Jonathan to one of my friends who like me was exceptionally pleased with the advice given to him, enabling him to do similar to me!– Andy Wrigley

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