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We partner with other professional firms to provide clients with a complete integrated service.

As a solicitor, accountant, general or commercial insurance broker you may find that clients need some professional advice to organise their finances or invest in a tax efficient way. We are happy to partner with you on a professional basis to ensure that your clients’ needs are met with practical, actionable advice.

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Integrated professional services

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Increasingly financial planning is predicated on other actions and plans from a number of professional services. Likewise the plans and actions undertaken by other professionals will often need to involve specialist financial advice.

For example, how can a great financial plan not be supported by an effective legal plan? At The RU Group we appreciate this and when our clients need professional and expert support in other aspects of their lives we welcome working with other professional firms. With us, it is all about ensuring the very best client outcomes.

The RU Group has a long history of close relationships with Accountants, Tax Specialists, Corporate Finance, Legal Services and General and Commercial Insurance Brokers. We call this our “network of experts”. All things being equal why wouldn’t our clients benefit from the services of firms and practices that we know and trust?

What we can offer

We offer clients a broad range of services that enable them to manage, protect and transfer their wealth

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Our clients

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Our values appeal to clients who enjoy a friendly professional relationship with professional advisers, are receptive to professional advice, and who can see the bigger picture – caring for their family, their community or something other than themselves.

If your clients are similar to ours then it is likely that our firms will be a good fit.

Let's work together

If you think your clients could benefit from our services please get in touch. Likewise if you think that our clients could benefit from your expertise then again, please do contact us.

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