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Rachael Hurdman, Business Coach, Consultant and the founder of Arch inspire challenges you to take valuable time to ‘invest in yourself’ whether you are building for, approaching or are in retirement.

As a coach, I help many clients to focus on and realise the benefits of ‘investing in themselves’. Many of the questions your Financial Planners ask can really help you challenge yourself to consider what the most important things are for you, in your life and in your work.  This consideration and realisation can support you to turn many of your wishes and desires into reality.

The following gives you just some examples of what this ‘investment’ could look like. In my coaching work many of these themes are really important for my clients but are put on the back burner for far too long and then become distant dreams. My role is to objectively help clients explore these, realise the importance of them (their ‘why’) and then start to prioritise and plan how and when they can turn these into a reality.

Exploring your ‘Why?’

  • A business or personal goal you want to achieve which requires time, personal development and commitment
  • A hobby or interest you want to pursue that you have put off
  • Volunteering your time for a cause/charity close to your heart
  • Spending more time with your children or grandchildren and being ‘in the moment’ with them
  • Travelling to a new country to experience a new culture
  • Giving your experience and expertise to someone / a cause who would greatly benefit from it

Take some time over the coming weeks to invest in you and reflect and respond to the following questions – capture your responses along-side – your reflections will also greatly inform the on-going discussions you are having with your Financial Planner.

  • What am I most proud of in my professional and personal life (and capture your reasons why)
  • What do I want to achieve professionally and personally and what impact will achieving these have for me and others?  (choose 3 goals for each)
  • If time was no object how would I develop and invest in myself?
  • What do I keep putting off that I really want to do?
  • How can I help others professionally and personally?
  • Who can help me realise my professional and personal goals?

Investing in yourself is important throughout life, but particularly at times of change or transition. As we progress through life’s stages it’s important to ensure that your goals and aspirations – and your ‘Why?’ is not neglected. Taking the time to invest in yourself will pay dividends.

Guest article by Rachael Hurdman, Business Coach at  Arch inspire, one of our professional partners.

Table of Contents


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