Key points from the Budget 2021

key points budget 2021

To the casual observer, the first Budget of 2021 appeared to have been fully revealed before the Chancellor even reached the despatch box. The relentless flow of pre-Budget rumours, kite-flying and red herrings makes it is all the more important to forget what was said before 12.30 on 3 March and concentrate on what Rishi […]

What is cash flow planning, and why is it important for your financial future?

cash flow planning - child with bucket of water

Cash flow planning is a tool we use to project your financial position into the future, it helps you to understand what your finances could look like throughout your lifetime. It takes into account your income, spending and overall net worth. The graph below is an example of this. Another way of thinking about cash […]

What is responsible investing?

responsible investing | The RU Group

What is responsible investing? A new focus on the ethics and impact of sectors has led to renewed interest in ethical investing. If 2020 was the year of social distancing, 2019 was the year that environmental issues became mainstream. Whether it was Blue Planet II, the Extinction Rebellion protests or Greta Thunberg’s speech to the […]

Redefining income – dividend requirements clarified

Income Fund - stack of coins | The RU Group

Earlier this year the rules for what constitutes an income fund changed Investors often forget that there are two sources of return available to them from an investment portfolio. Income in the form of dividends and Growth in the form of  an increase in the price of the share. Together these elements of a portfolio […]

5 years Chartered – The RU Group goes from strength to strength

Chartered financial planners

We’re delighted to confirm that our Chartered status has been confirmed for the 5th year running, and our team gain further qualifications and awards. Chartered Financial Planning Firm This prestigious award recognizes our commitment to the highest standards both in the service we deliver to our clients and the professional development of our team. This […]

Educating children about money

Educating our children about money | The RU Group

The world our children is inheriting is far more complex than the one we grew up in and no more so than the financial world. Educating children about money is incredibly important. We are banking more on-line, buying more on credit and these bring added issues such as cybercrime and identity theft which we never […]

Increase in will writing highlights the need for forward planning

Will writing | The RU Group

Every good financial plan needs to be backed up by a good legal plan and it is very important to periodically review your will, or in some cases take the first steps to writing one. In my role as Senior Relationship Manager at the RU Group, I regularly speak with local Law firms to build […]

How much income will I need in retirement?

Income in Retirement | The RU Group

One of the common questions we are asked is ‘how much income will I need in retirement?’, hand in hand with ‘what will my costs be in retirement?’. Now is a great time to start looking at what we spend our money on normally, and what our expenditure might be in retirement. This period of […]