What does breaking the triple lock on pensions mean?

Triple lock on pensions - padlocks

The triple lock on pensions was introduced in April 2011 with the aim of ensuring that people in receipt of the State Pension received a cost of living rise to their state pension on an annual basis. What is the triple lock promise? The triple lock was described as a promise to increase the state […]

The Health and Social Care Levy

health and social care levy - healthcare image

The Health and Social Care Levy was announced last week as a solution to the need for increased funding of the NHS and social care. A reform of the care system has long been on the cards, with the need to increase funding and change how care is paid for in part to cater for […]

Introducing the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce

Financial Vulnerability Taskforce logo

Introducing the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce The last 18 months or so have been really challenging for many people and across different elements of our lives. A spotlight has been focused on many circumstances that previously may not have been there. These circumstances may include poor or deteriorating mental health, unexpected bereavement, illnesses that couldn’t be […]

What happens to your pension when you die?

pension when you die - sand washing a heart away

When you die your spouse, civil partner or beneficiaries may be able to access your pension. The rules for pension death benefits will vary depending on the type of pension you have and your age when you pass away. In 2015 new pension rules were introduced governing everything from how you access your pension to […]

Tax efficient charitable giving

Tax efficient charitable giving

This past year has provided many with an opportunity to reflect, and you may now be considering a review of your charitable giving. Which causes do you wish to support? Which financial vehicle will you choose to make your donation? Whichever charity you choose to support there are some important considerations when gifting cash or […]

A new life for investments? Post pandemic financial planning

A considerable amount has been written about Pension Planning, both before and after retirement. Not many words though would have been written about the potential impact of a global pandemic on financial planning. The past few months are a situation that most of us could not have anticipated. How has the pandemic affected financial planning? […]

Tax Day summary – your key takeouts for savings and investments

tax day summary

What are the key changes to tax announced on Tax Day 2021? We have reviewed the latest announcements to provide you with a Tax Day summary. Here are the key areas that might impact your savings and investments. During this year’s budget the Chancellor avoided detailing planned changes to taxation, for example, the future of […]

Key points from the Budget 2021

key points budget 2021

To the casual observer, the first Budget of 2021 appeared to have been fully revealed before the Chancellor even reached the despatch box. The relentless flow of pre-Budget rumours, kite-flying and red herrings makes it is all the more important to forget what was said before 12.30 on 3 March and concentrate on what Rishi […]