Key points from the Spring Statement 2022

Spring Statement 2022

What are the key points from the Spring Statement 2022? Here, Chartered Financial Planner Nick Onslow highlights the key measures that could impact investors and retirees. Over the past two years the economy has been tested with the effects of Brexit and Covid, only to find that as we start to get back to normal […]

Owning commercial property in a pension scheme

Business office - Owning commercial property in a pension scheme

Did you know that it’s possible to own commercial property in a pension scheme? James Corby, Business Development Manager of our SSAS Administration arm (Channack Ross Ltd) explains how this can be achieved through a SSAS. A SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) is a type of occupational pension scheme offering flexibility on investment over more ‘conventional’ […]

How the Autumn Budget 2021 will affect your financial planning

Autumn Budget financial planning

Now the dust has settled on the Autumn budget I have been able to reflect on how it might affect your ongoing financial planning. In reality this year’s Autumn budget announcement actually started in September when the Prime Minister announced the health and social care levy and the change for one year in the triple […]

What does Financial Wellbeing mean?

Financial Wellbeing - The Ru Group

Financial Wellbeing is a concept that has become much more of a common theme in modern day financial planning, particularly in a time when other aspects of ‘wellbeing’ have become a mainstream focus in our day-to-day lives (physical, emotional, mental – the list goes on!). As Financial Planners, one of the key outputs we seek […]

What does breaking the triple lock on pensions mean?

Triple lock on pensions - padlocks

The triple lock on pensions was introduced in April 2011 with the aim of ensuring that people in receipt of the State Pension received a cost of living rise to their state pension on an annual basis. What is the triple lock promise? The triple lock was described as a promise to increase the state […]

The Health and Social Care Levy

health and social care levy - healthcare image

The Health and Social Care Levy was announced last week as a solution to the need for increased funding of the NHS and social care. A reform of the care system has long been on the cards, with the need to increase funding and change how care is paid for in part to cater for […]

Introducing the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce

Financial Vulnerability Taskforce logo

Introducing the Financial Vulnerability Taskforce The last 18 months or so have been really challenging for many people and across different elements of our lives. A spotlight has been focused on many circumstances that previously may not have been there. These circumstances may include poor or deteriorating mental health, unexpected bereavement, illnesses that couldn’t be […]

What happens to your pension when you die?

pension when you die - sand washing a heart away

When you die your spouse, civil partner or beneficiaries may be able to access your pension. The rules for pension death benefits will vary depending on the type of pension you have and your age when you pass away. In 2015 new pension rules were introduced governing everything from how you access your pension to […]