The Budget: An End to Austerity?

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The 2018 Budget – delivered on a Monday for the first time since 1962 – produced a number of surprises, not least some high-profile ‘giveaways’. Announcements in the Budget included: A £650 increase in the personal allowance to £12,500 for 2019/20, the level originally pencilled in for 2020/21. A £3,650 increase in the higher rate […]

Is the LISA’s Short Life About to End?

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The Lifetime ISA (LISA) may not survive after low uptake by providers and fresh criticisms from parliament. The LISA has been reviewed by the Treasury Select Committee, which was critical of, “its complexity, its perverse incentives, its lack of complementarity with the pension saving landscape and its apparent lack of popularity with the industry and […]


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We issued an article earlier this week prior to the UK’s ‘Brexit’ referendum vote. The result is now known and with all markets reacting, we want to emphasise the points that we made in our earlier article. Nothing that we said in our earlier article has changed this morning. The market risks may seem material, […]